Lori Maloney left behind a legacy beyond measure


It’s hard to put into words the heartache many people of Butte and beyond felt when the news came last Monday that Lori Maloney had lost her short battle with cancer.

The thought of never seeing her smiling face again, nor being able to hear her “Hi, darlin’!” greeting seemed almost unfathomable.

The former Butte-Silver Bow clerk of the court and an enthusiastic ambassador of the Irish festival, An Ri Ra, was well loved and Maloney reciprocated that love time and time again.

“Lori raised the bar on who we should aspire to be in this life,” said Shawn Harrington.

With his voice quivering, Harrington reflected on the lessons his beloved relative taught in her lifetime. The Maloney-Harrington crew had experienced loss numerous times before and according to Harrington, Lori stepped up to the plate each and every time.

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“She was such a wonderful caregiver,” he said, “and the chief nurse in our family.”

The Harringtons and Maloneys are first cousins, but that’s not how they view it. To them, they are a band of brothers and sisters who gravitated toward each other through good times and bad to

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