Looking to Use Your Degree? Explore a Career Fair Today in Missoula

You would think with the hundreds of positions open in Western Montana, and with so many businesses understaffed, that a career fair wouldn’t be necessary. But if you’ve earned a degree and are looking for a position in your field, it may be tough to find a job in Montana that pays a living wage. Thus, the Western Montana Career Fair.

This is a Missoula Job Service event, so it’s legit and FREE. It’s weird when job fairs want an admission fee. Like, I’m already broke, that’s why I’m here. Anyway, today’s Career Fair is at the Hilton Garden Inn on South Reserve, the big hotel across Reserve from Karl Tyler and next to Panda Express. It’s open for just three hours, from 3 to 6 p.m. this afternoon, October 7th. Veterans will be allowed early access at 2:30. No registration is required, but you probably want to bring some copies of your resume and any materials you think would make a lasting impression on a possible employer.

Missoula-area employers will be on hand with jobs for technical, clerical, customer service, healthcare, and many other opportunities. The career fair isn’t just for people who are unemployed, maybe you’re considering a career change,

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