Looking Back, Looking Forward

At the end of the year, we hear predictions about the future, many of which have been proven wrong – from the end of the world due to climate change, to the telephone is just a toy. (There is a story, probably apocryphal, that in 1876, the President of Western Union, William Orton, dismissed phones as a “toy” when Alexander Graham Bell offered to sell him the patent for $100,000).


The past is a better teacher if we will pay attention to successes and mistakes that we might avoid one and embrace the other.

A hundred years ago, the ’20s were roaring and President Calvin Coolidge did things the current president and Congress would do well to emulate. Coolidge won a landslide victory running on a platform of limited government, reduced taxes, and less regulation. He followed through on all three, creating an economic boom. (Where have you gone, Silent Cal, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you).

Coolidge also signed an immigration law that regulated the number of foreigners who could come to America. Asian people were especially targeted, but one must understand the challenges of the time which involved civil war in China and growing unrest

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