Look back: A visual digest of the 68th Montana Legislature

To a casual eye, the lawmaking process can look only like a bunch of people talking into microphones.

But when looking through the lens of a camera, it’s a process that runs the gamut of human emotion and experience. 

On display is anger and joy, solidarity and betrayal. 

It can be quiet at times and loud at others.

It’s a process that is a sum of its characters. From the lawmakers and lobbyists all trying to push their interests and ideas, to staff and security that keep the whole thing running. The public is the star of the show as citizens provide testimony, and legislators herald the work in their honor.

And it all plays out in Montana’s crown jewel of a building. With rooms washed in natural light, dark hallways, timeless art and commanding architecture.

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But for now, the people’s work in the people’s house has come to a close. 

The Montana House of Representatives debates legislation on the House Floor on May 1, 2023 in the State Capitol.

THOM BRIDGE, Independent Record

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