Lolo Forest cancels in-person meetings due to COVID spike

Zoë Buchli

An uptick in COVID-19 transmission around Missoula County prompted U.S. Forest Service officials on Wednesday to cancel in-person meetings for the Lolo National Forest.

Citing Missoula’s COVID-19 transmission report from Center for Disease Control data, a press release from the U.S. Forest Service reported that case numbers in Missoula, Sanders, and Mineral counties are at high levels.

“This change in operating conditions means the Forest Service must enact certain meeting limitations (including attendance limits, agency approval requirements, distancing and masking),” the press release stated. “We are unable to meet these requirements for all the planned venues.”

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Weekly, in-person Wild and Scenic Rivers Workshops scheduled for next week are canceled. In their place, three online workshops will be held instead. Updated workshop schedules are available at the Lolo Web Revision Hub.

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The CDC updates its COVID-19 levels for counties every Thursday.

Last Thursday, March 2, was the first time Missoula County was elevated to a high transmission rate in a long time, according to Health Department Public Information Officer Hayley Devlin.

She explained that

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