Lolo Community Council Proclaims February 14 as MMIP Day

The Lolo Community Council sent out the following announcement on Tuesday.

Lolo MMIP Proclamation 11 February 2020

 Lolo has a significant importance in the history of this land.

The first people to use this land found the abundance of game, berries and other ample food supplies. The indigenous people that were first here used Lolo Pass as a safe passageway for migration, hunting, fishing and trading between tribes. According to ancient legend, a young native boy was lost in the mountains and was encountered by a grizzly bear. Impressed by the boy’s bravery, the bear put him on his back and took him to the mountain tops. The bear showed the boy where to find berries, fish, game and he showed the boy Lolo Pass. He also showed the boy where to find shelter. The bear took the boy back to his people and told him to share with them what he had learned.

There has been a human presence in Lolo ever since.

In our modern day Lolo, we too find value and shelter in this land, just as the indigenous people of an earlier time did. There are inherent dangers still to this day, some seen and some

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