Local services contemplate new center for domestic violence survivors in Billings

In 2022, the Billings Police Department averaged more than one arrest for suspicion of partner or family member assault every day of the year, which ended with more than 1,000 domestic violence investigations. 

There are resources in Billings for these survivors of domestic abuse, but they’re spread out across the city.

Exacerbating the task of seeking out services across town are the emotional barriers consistent with most cases of domestic abuse; anxieties over childcare, housing and income only aggravate the trauma inherent in domestic violence.

Officer Katie Nash, along with a coalition of victim services providers, would like to see the establishment of a Family Justice Center in Billings, a single location for survivors of domestic violence, neglect or sexual abuse to connect with advocates, welfare or law enforcement.

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“These cases take a long time, and when you’re having to worry about what’s happening with a pending criminal case and trying to live your life with whatever your basic needs are, it’s a lot,” said Nash, Billings Police Department’s sole officer dedicated strictly to investigating domestic violence.

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