Local governments to form records management working group

Nolan Lister

Lewis and Clark County Board of County Commissioners Chairman Jim McCormick was doing some research in a public building recently when he stumbled across a county ledger book from 1889 “up on a roller rack,” he said.

He pulled it down and opened it on the table to an entry from November 1889, in which the governor of 10-day-old Montana, Joseph K. Toole, requested space in the county courthouse, the one still used today, for a state Legislature to meet. 

The ledger entry noted the request was approved but the transaction could not be immediately completed as nobody working for the newly minted state at the time was authorized to conduct business with the county.

“It was fascinating to read that, handwritten, in the ledger, and those records absolutely have to be protected,” McCormick said during a county commission meeting earlier this month.

The commissioners approved the formation of a records management and storage working group April 12. The group will consist of representatives from the county and cities of Helena and East Helena and will attempt to help the local governments deal with a glut of historical documents in the attics, crawlspaces and trolley depots across the county.

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