Local companies use drones to scan North Dakota Museum of Modern Art

Dunleavy, founder of drone service company SkySkopes and Tau Drones, was on the UND campus on Tuesday, Nov. 23, to conduct an energy audit of the venerable building. Along with Karthik Balaji, product development lead for Tau, and Nick Wamre, lead drone test pilot for Mobile Recon Systems, the trio scanned the building’s exterior searching for energy leaks.

“Having the North Dakota Museum of Art flown by drones that are themselves works of art, I think is truly fitting,” Dunleavy said.

The Museum of Art is a suitable candidate for a heat loss assessment. The building was built in 1907, and was used as UND’s gymnasium.

It was a joint effort between the companies, as well as the North Dakota University System, and UND’s College of Engineering. Tau Drones hold the intellectual property for analyzing the data gathered by the drone, which is manufactured by Mobile Recon Systems. The drone uses a thermal camera capable of sensing heat loss, to scan the building. Once analyzed, that data will be turned over to UND, and crews can then take steps to better weatherize the building.

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