Liz Peek: Biden's economy is stalled. Here's what he must do now to unfreeze our supply chain

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Instead of playing hide-and-seek with the White House press corps, or whining about Republicans blocking his $5 trillion tax-and-spend scheme, President Joe Biden could be doing something useful.

The president could be working to bring down inflation. How? By getting people back on the job, addressing the supply chain challenges that are increasing the cost of nearly all consumer goods and by doing everything possible to increase U.S. oil and gas output, to help put a lid on fast-rising energy prices.

That’s what Donald Trump would be doing if he were in the White House. Just as he initiated Operation Warp Speed to combat Covid-19, the former president would be laser-focused today on squashing inflation.

For all his faults, Trump was rarely inert.


Unhappily, an administration that identifies climate change as our country’s biggest threat and one that is deep in the pocket of organized labor is unlikely to do any of the above. Biden is determined to put green lobbyists ahead of voters, who rank climate change eighth among their many concerns, behind COVID, poor leadership, race relations, immigration and the economy. 

He’s also not going to demand

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