LIV Golf enlists NRA-tied firm as consultants

LIV Golf’s tentacles are penetrating deeper into the nation’s capital.

The Saudi-bankrolled enterprise, which has been making the rounds on Capitol Hill in recent months, has hired a prominent firm based in Arlington, Va., to help advance its efforts to upend the golf industry.

McKenna & Associates, a non-partisan firm headed by Bush administration alum Andrew McKenna, is providing LIV with management consulting services, according to copies of correspondences viewed by POLITICO and people familiar with the arrangement. The firm helped LIV with monitoring and tracking the advocacy of families of 9/11 victims who were protesting the tour because of its ties to the Saudi government, according to the correspondence.

LIV Golf confirmed its relationship with the firm in a statement to POLITICO.

“McKenna has supported the management team as we continue to reinvent the global game of golf,” it said.

It’s not the first time in recent years that McKenna & Associates has done work for a controversial, high-profile client.

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