Lindsey Burke: Dropping 'F' grades for kids is a new 'soft bigotry of low expectations'

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“Groupthink is the enemy of rigor…what we define to be excellence has become captive to a certain political agenda,” says Brown University economics professor Glenn Loury.

Yet, in the name of “eliminating systemic racism,” Sunrise Park Middle School in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, near St. Paul, will no longer hand out “F” grades to students who turn in the lowest quality work. The school has simply lopped-off 0 – 49.9 percentiles in its grading system.

The new grading system will no longer reflect student behavior or tardiness, or whether an assignment was completed on time. Grading, the school’s website reads, perpetuates systemic racism.

The revamp comes after the school completed a so-called “equity audit,” a tool increasingly used by school districts to assess “gaps in district equity work,” to take stock of school climate, review culturally relevant pedagogy, and evaluate achievement gaps and discipline disparities.


Sounds benign enough, but equity audits align with the tenets of Critical Race Theory, which holds that any disparities in student outcomes are a result of discrimination.

These audits have come in conjunction with growth in Chief Diversity Officers (CDOs) in K-12 schools

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