Like everything Trump touches, LIV Golf has become about him

MIAMI — Jordan Gilbert, a professional golfer, had always felt a little out of place at PGA Tour events.

It was for the rich “country club kids,” said Gilbert, as he paused along the Trump National Doral grounds. His wife, Allie, explained that he didn’t fit in at the PGA because “he’s patriotic.”

For them, like many others who gathered here over the weekend, LIV Golf provided an antidote to all that. It was an everyman’s event — the populist version of a golf tour. Its chief executive, Greg Norman, was a swashbuckler as a player who would prove to be an iconoclast as a tour leader. It was a place where people like Gilbert could be less buttoned up, less shy about their politics.

As evidence, Gilbert, who was not playing this weekend, sported a “Let’s Go Brandon” shirt while near the first hole.

“To me honestly, PGA Tour did Trump dirty whenever they took the tour away from here,” Jordan said, referencing the tour’s decision to move an event from

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