Lewis and Clark commissioners again table decision on rural zoning amendments

Nolan Lister

During Thursday’s regular meeting, the Lewis and Clark County Commission again punted a decision on whether to adopt amendments to sections of the Helena Valley Zoning Area concerned with rural districts. 

The commission closed public comment on the item and is set to take it back up Tuesday after eleventh-hour information submitted by the public and the county’s water quality protection district came in.

At least one submission emailed to the board of county commissioners came in at 6 a.m. Thursday.

The Lewis and Clark County Water Quality Protection District also sent in a flurry of proposed amendments requiring more comprehensive water testing to be done prior to approval of any planned development in the rural district.

County Commission Chairman Jim McCormick expressed frustration over the water quality district’s proposals and questioned why they came so late in the game when the district had been working in tandem with other county employees on the zoning regulations since late 2020.

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