Lewandowski: Losing my stuff or losing my mind?

DULUTH — I lose stuff. The most frequent items seem to be my keys, but there are other things, too. It could be anything: billfold, credit card or a bolt that finishes a project, all complicated by my trying to remember what I needed, and “Where did I put that darn thing?”

If that doesn’t work, then I retrace my steps and try to recall where I was when I lost what I so desperately need now. Over time, I’ve fallen back on a tried-and-true method of finding things, learned in my early life, from Sister Gertrude at St. Adalbert’s Grade School. If frustration looms, call on St. Anthony of Padua, the patron saint of finding lost or stolen things.

The good saint grew up in a wealthy family outside Lisbon, Portugal, in the 13th century. At age 15, he joined a religious community. Bothered by family and friends who distracted him from his studies, he requested a transfer to a different location, where he could give full attention to learning Latin and theology.

He switched his religious order affiliations and joined the Franciscans because they served the poor. Eventually he taught the ropes of religious life to new

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