Letter Points to Meddling in College Republican Race by Outgoing Chairman


“The rules are here to protect us, they’re good rules,” proclaimed College Republican National Committee (CRNC) chairman Chandler Thornton at Saturday’s convention — an event that saw his preferred successor, Courtney Britt, triumph over Judah Waxelbaum.

Email correspondence between Thornton and Case Western University professor and libertarian legal writer Jonathan Adler obtained by National Review, however, provides further evidence that the rules were applied so as to ensure Britt’s victory, not to enforce a level playing field.

On July 6, Thornton wrote the following:

Dear Professor Adler,

By way if [sic] introduction, my name is Chandler Thornton and I am the National Chairman of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC). The CRNC is in the process of verifying chapters in advance of our 2021 Biennial Convention next weekend. With this in mind, your name and contact information were listed as “Chapter Advisor” of the Case Western University College Republicans. If this is correct, would you be so kind as to send the CRNC a letter on your letterhead, verifying the existence of the Case Western University College Republicans as an active student organization? The letter may be as simple as the following: “My name

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