Let’s Stop Pretending. America Is In Peril.

Like untold millions, Russell Conwell, author of the famous little book “Acres Of Diamonds” revered Abraham Lincoln, a man he served under as a captain in the 46th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment during the Civil War.

But unlike many, he met the man face to face … twice.  

In the book, Conwell wrote about visiting Lincoln at the White House to plead for the life of one of his young soldiers who had been sentenced to death.  

“I had been on fields of battle, where the shells did sometimes shriek and the bullets did sometimes hit me,” he wrote.  “I never was so afraid when the shells came around us at Antietam as I was when I went into that room that day.”

After assuring him that the soldier, 17, would not be hanged, Lincoln asked Conwell how things were going in the field.

“We sometimes get discouraged,” he admitted.

“It is all right,” said Lincoln. “We are going to win.”

Conwell then stumbled on Lincoln’s soft spot.  After learning that the young captain grew up on a farm, he relaxed a bit, threw his leg up on the edge of his chair, and talked about farming.  He became, as Conwell wrote, “so everyday, so

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