Let’s Just Call It a Day Already

In the movie “The War of the Roses,” the fighting couple played by Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner end up dying while fighting with each other through a divorce. As they both lay there dying after falling from a chandelier (no spoiler alert, there’s a good chance the movie is older than you are and if you haven’t seen it by now, that’s on you), the hand of Douglas is laying on Turner. Douglas is gone already, and Turner’s last act on this Earth is to flick his hand off of her in disgust that he was touching her. Romancing the Stone this movie is not. But it sure does seem like looking into the future, the near future, of what this country could become. Maybe we should call it a day before we reach that point?

Honestly, if the country split up, I wouldn’t miss anything the left brings to the table. We’re headed in that direction anyway, we might as well just do it. Better to have a planned break up than be blindsided and bathed in violence, right? 

I firmly believe a “hot civil war” would easily be won by the right; few liberals own guns. Yes,

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