Leonard Leo’s firm got nearly $500K from conservative nonprofit, tax filing shows

Americans for Public Trust, a nonprofit conservative government watchdog group, transferred more than a quarter of its expenses to Leonard Leo’s consulting firm, CRC Advisors, in 2022, according to a new tax filing.

The filing was shared with POLITICO by Accountable.US, a progressive watchdog group.

Leo, among the most prominent figures of the conservative legal movement, has come under scrutiny over revelations that his network of nonprofits has funneled millions of dollars to his for-profit firm. The D.C. attorney general Brian Schwalb is investigating whether Leo violated nonprofit tax laws for personal gain.

Leo presides over a multi-billion-dollar network of tax-exempt nonprofit groups and has used it, in part, to organize campaigns over the past decade to install the Supreme Court’s conservative majority.

American for Public Trust is a nonprofit group run by the former research director for the National Republican Congressional Committee. The organization often publicly criticizes progressive so-called dark money groups that do not have to disclose

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