Leonard Leo tied group registers to lobby

The nonprofit linked to conservative judicial activist and major fundraiser Leonard Leo has registered to lobby.

The Concord Fund said in a filing that it will lobby on “Issues related to government oversight and reform.” The conservative firm OnMessage will lobby on its behalf. Thomas Binion, a former aide to Rep. Steve King — the Iowa Republican who was removed from his congressional committees and lost his reelection bid — is expected to work on the Concord Fund’s behalf.

The lobbying registration is the latest expansion of the political agenda of the web of groups connected to Leo. The Judicial Crisis Network, an alias of the Concord Fund, has been agitating against Democrats’ efforts to install a code of conduct for the Supreme Court, even as some conservative justices have indicated their support for an ethics code. The Judicial Crisis Network previously lobbied in 2017 in support of Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

According to the registration, OnMessage began lobbying for the Concord Fund in early September.

OnMessage Inc.,

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