Legalizing the trip: One ‘shroom advocate’s playbook

Here’s something about Washington, D.C., that even a lot of people who live here don’t know: Psychedelic mushrooms are basically legal.

Back in 2020, voters approved a ballot initiative that made growing, purchasing, and distributing mushrooms the lowest law enforcement priority for D.C. police. In Washington, you can have mushrooms delivered to your door in less than an hour without worrying about running afoul of local cops.

And a lot of people here are availing themselves of D.C.’s unique decriminalization rules. Microdosing mushrooms as a kind of performance-enhancing brain boost — already wildly popular among the California tech set — is now fairly common in Washington, especially in media circles. Recreational use — macrodosing? — isn’t all that uncommon either. If you want a fully legal psychedelic experience, you can stop by Field Trip, on 15th St. NW, where licensed therapists treat PTSD, depression and other mental health issues with psychedelic-assisted therapy using ketamine.

A lot of the new

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