Left Targets Susan Collins in False Ads on Medicare

Still irate over the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, progressive big-money donors are stepping up their crusade against centrist Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, by pouring “dark money” into attack ads charging she “put Medicare and Social Security in jeopardy” by supporting the Trump tax cuts.

The group running the ads, Maine Momentum, is classified for tax purposes as an educational nonprofit. As such, its donors are not subject to disclosure.

While the group is not permitted to openly electioneer for a candidate, it is led by former Democratic operatives. In fact, one of its executives was recently employed by one of the Democrats running against Collins.

According to Advertising Analytics, a firm that tracks political advertising, Maine Momentum has spent over $716,000 in Maine to “educate” voters on the 2020 senatorial race. Critics say the group’s primary purpose appears to be “educating” Maine voters to oppose Collins.

The latest anti-Collins blitz looks like a variation on the old “Medi-scare” tactic of suggesting to voters any Republican must secretly oppose, or would somehow wish to weaken, the social safety net of Medicare and Social Security.

Weaponizing the Trump tax cuts to attack Collins might seem unlikely. After all, by some estimates

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