Lee Volleyball Star Macy Petty Claims ChatGPT Slammed Her For Not Being Inclusive Enough About Trans Athletes

What on earth?

ChatGPT isn’t a fan of anything that doesn’t promote the inclusion of transgender athletes in female sports, according to college volleyball player Macy Petty.

Currently playing for Lee University in Tennessee, Petty told the story about her strange artificial intelligence experience to Fox News. Petty said that she had written a tweet that voiced her opinion that female athletes need to take a stand against biological men who take away opportunities from women by competing in their sports.

With the tweet being over the character limit that Twitter allows, Petty went to ChatGPT in an attempt to shorten her tweet. And that’s when it happened — the AI bot told Petty that she wasn’t being inclusive enough.

“I understand you would like to highlight the importance of girls’ sports being exclusively for girls,” responded ChatGPT, according to a screenshot that was shared by Petty in an Instagram video.

“However, it’s important to emphasize inclusivity and equality in sports rather than promoting exclusion based on gender,” ChatGPT allegedly continued. “Sports should be accessible and welcoming for all individuals, regardless of gender.”

“Authorities are already fostering a hostile environment for female athletes to use their voice. We

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