Learn from these heroic saints who lived against the grain

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With the recent Supreme Court decision striking down Roe v. Wade, pro-life and pro-abortion factions have been jockeying to further influence our nation’s culture.  It’s hard not to notice the hateful ugliness of a visceral recoil coming from leftist activists. So why exactly does a nation’s culture matter? What’s at stake? Why does choosing to live a life of virtue, or vice, even matter?

With abortion and many other issues, the world is in a massive state of confusion. Violence is increasing. Order is breaking down. Everyone knows that there is something wrong afoot. Everything that is good these days is under attack. What’s going on, and what can everyday people do about it?  

In Against the Grain: Heroic Catholics Through the Centuries I tell the story of 21 saints from 21 centuries focused on 21 virtues – and why virtue matters – especially for our time. Better understanding individuals who lived as shining examples, as signs of contradiction, who did what was right and not what was necessarily always popular. Against the Grain is a summons to heroic virtue, to sainthood, for all. To be a saint is to change the world

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