Law enforcement, students speak at Safe School Summit


April 12, 1994, the day 11-year-old Jeremy Bullock was killed at Margaret Leary School, is a day that haunts many 28 years later.

“Anyone who grew up with us knows exactly where they were that day,” said Hunter Terry, who went to school with Bullock and his twin brother, Josh. “No matter what was going on, even if you weren’t there, you remember that day.”

Bullock was the unintentional victim of a school shooter, who meant to shoot a bully and got Bullock by mistake.

In his honor, Bullock’s family created the Jeremy Bullock Memorial Trust and Charities through Jeremy, which sponsor and fund a number of things, including the Jeremy Bullock Safe Schools Summit.

The third annual summit took was held Wednesday and Thursday at the Copper King Hotel and Convention Center with two days of speakers and workshops for teachers and school staff, with the mission of making schools safer for students.

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A fan favorite at the summit is the Student Voices Panel, which features a number of students who answer questions about what makes their school safe and what could make their school safer, among

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