Latinx Americans Are Ditching Dems, In Part Because of This Latinx Thing

It’s an absolute delight to watch the Democrats go all-in on Hispanic voters and then, in the way one might expect from pasty ruling caste goofs, unwittingly do everything in their power to make Hispanic voters despise them. And the results are undeniable – Latinx voters not only hate being called “Latinx” but hate pretty much everything else that the Dems are doing. The faculty lounge set that sets the party’s agenda is utterly oblivious. They don’t know any Hispanics – except maybe ones they hire to work around the mansion – and the Dems have certainly never thought to ask Hispanic Americans what they want. Instead, the condescending commies told their Hispanic constituents what the left wanted Hispanics to want.

Spending that created inflation.

Soft on crime.

Open borders – nope, Hispanic Americans are having none of that.

Oh, and the whole freakshow agenda – trans this and nonbinary that, 672 genders and handmaids crashing Mass to scream that they aren’t allowed to kill babies.

Needless to say, Hispanics want none of the above.

You have to wonder if these pinkish pinkos have ever actually met a Hispanic, but then you remember that our left thinks it knows everything already. Maybe they think

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