Latest Update on Montana Renewables Biodiesel in Great Falls

What if we had a new meatpacking plant in Montana that could process Montana cattle right here in Big Sky Country? What if we took the animal waste from that plant and then used it to make biodiesel at another plant right here in Montana?

That could very well happen with a project that is currently under construction in Great Falls, Montana. I was in Great Falls recently for the Montana Electric Cooperatives Association annual meeting. While in town, I figured it would be a good time to catch up on some other Electric City news.

Ron Colwell with Montana Renewables joined us and gave us an update on the major biodiesel fuels project that is co-located with the Calumet refinery in Great Falls:

Colwell: This is the first renewable diesel in the state of Montana has been done in other places. Wyoming has one already up and running in and they’ve announced a second one in the Cheyenne area. There’s quite a few have been announced around the country taking advantage of the federal and state tax credits that’s driving this initiative.

Our project is mostly in the engineering phase, we’re into detail engineering, but we have started some construction activities. We have our our partner

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