Larry Elder: Mainstream Media ‘Didn’t Give a Rip’ about Egg-Throwing Attack

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder speaks during a campaign stop outside a restaurant in San Diego, California, September 3, 2021. (Mike Blake/Reuters)

Republican California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder took aim at the mainstream media on Monday after an incident in which a woman in a gorilla mask threw eggs at him last week received scant coverage.

“Had I had a ‘D’ at the end of my name, this would have been a hate crime,” said Elder, who is black.

“They would have had a manhunt for her,” he added, referring to the white woman who attacked him.

Elder hitting the media for not running more coverage of the egg-throwing incident in Venice

— Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) September 13, 2021

“They’d be talking about this in Bangladesh but because I have an ‘R’ at the end of my name, a lot of the mainstream media didn’t give a rip,” he said.

Videos of the incident appear to show an egg being thrown toward Elder as he walked through the Venice neighborhood of Los Angeles last week with members of his campaign team during a trip to the community to address the homeless crisis. One

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