Large music festival proposed for Playfair Park in Missoula

A University of Montana graduate is hoping to bring a huge music festival, attracting between 10,000 and 20,000 people, to Playfair Park in Missoula starting either July of 2024 or 2025.

But he’s got what appears to be a mountain of concerns from city council members and neighbors to overcome before he wins approval from the city.

A map of Playfair Park. No baseball or softball fields would be used for the festival, except one portion of a softball field would be used as an entrance.


Scott Osburn gave a presentation to the Missoula City Council’s climate, conservation and parks committee on Thursday to make a pitch for his festival. He’s trying to secure the city council’s permission to authorize the Missoula mayor to grant his company, Always On LLC, to host the festival for the next eight consecutive years. As part of the agreement, he would pay the city a guaranteed $50,000 for park repairs and upgrades along with a $70,000 contingency fund for any unexpected damage. The city would keep any portion of the $70,000 that isn’t used

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