Lara Trump Out of NC Senate Race; Trumps Endorse Rep. Ted Budd Instead

In a North Carolina Republican Conference speech shocker, Lara Trump has announced she will not run for Senate in 2022, as she and former President Donald Trump officially made a surprised endorsement for Rep. Ted Budd, R-N.C.

“There is somebody in this room that I think is very special; somebody that I’ve worked with – always been with me,” Trump said, teasing the endorsement after Lara Trump just announced her intention not to run.

“A man that hasn’t been pushing me at all,” Trump continued, “unlike some of the others that are running that won’t win, they won’t win.

“And I’m going to do it now, because again, I don’t want a lot of people running and then they’re going to be disappointed, and in many cases they’re friends of mine. You know, they’re great people they’re thinking about running. They want to run. They wanted to wait frankly until Lara made her decision. She would have been tough. She would have been tough and she’s uh,very outstanding, but I think she did the right thing for her and for her family.

“But this gentleman is going to be your next senator. He’s going to be somebody that you’re going

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