Land buy adds 3,600 acres of public lands in Big Hole River watershed


Anglers, hunters, biologists and people who simply enjoy ambling across Montana’s awe-inspiring public lands are likely to celebrate the acquisition.

Other potential beneficiaries include elk, deer, moose, grizzlies and a host of other wildlife species large and small.

Two miles of the Big Hole River and two miles of Seymour Creek cross the land, each of which provides important habitat for cold water fish species.

The Missoula-based Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation announced Tuesday that a collaboration with a longtime property owner and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has resulted in the acquisition of 3,600 acres of wildlife and riparian habitat in the Big Hole River watershed.

The purchase provides one more hedge against development and habitat fragmentation in a landscape vulnerable to both, said Kyle Weaver, president and CEO of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.

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The property “is now conserved, protected and opened to public access,” he said.

“We appreciate the family for reaching out to us about their land and helping to make that happen,” Weaver said.

Seymour Creek enters the Big Hole River west of the intersection of the Mill Creek Highway and Montana 43 and east

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