L.A. Is No Day At The Beach

Don’t tell the people in charge, but my friend’s wife is a member of the L.A. resistance.

She’s been regularly going out into the underground economy to get her hair done.

She’s been meeting with her hairdresser at an undisclosed location – his daughter’s driveway – and striking a small but symbolic blow for old-fashioned American freedom.

My friend’s wife is in no danger of getting in trouble with the authorities, but her hairdresser is.

According to power-mad politicians now in charge of the economic and social lives of 10 million people in Los Angeles County, if she’s caught defying the rules of the county’s super-strict shutdown, it’ll cost her a $1,000 fine.

The hairdresser, who has been prohibited from working for two months, isn’t worried about being caught and hit with a fine. She can’t afford to pay it anyway.

Her real fear is being turned in to the police by a neighbor, which reminds me of the way some rotten French people during World War II told stories about their neighbors to the Gestapo after the Germans took over their country.

I fully support what my friend’s wife has been doing. But watching her have to sneak around like

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