Kushner: Mideast Deals Fruits of Trump's Long-Term Strategy

The normalization agreements signed by Israel with both the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain are the realization of President Donald Trump’s long-term strategy, senior adviser Jared Kushner said Wednesday.

“The results [Tuesday] are the fruits of three years of labor that started at the president’s first trip [to Saudi Arabia],” Kushner told Fox News’ “Outnumbered Overtime.” “He has a strategy, and he’s been executing it the entire time.”

He emphasized the past quarter century has been a failure by previous administrations to achieve any sort of deals in the Middle East.

“Trump’s strategy is to not do stupid things, not keep old habits that don’t work,” Kushner said. “What he’s done is he’s the first president to outline a realistic vision for what a peace agreement can look like between the Israelis and the Palestinians,” including an economic component.

“That plan would create a million new Palestinian jobs, double their GDP, reduce the poverty rate by 50%.”

He called the deals [Tuesday] “really the beginning of the end of the Israeli Arab conflict” and said he is “very confident that will make it more likely that they will be a resolution with the Palestinians in a fair way at the

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