KOLB: Biden Can’t Govern By ‘Racing The Clock’

“Racing the clock” is no way to end a 20-year war or enact a massive $3.5 trillion human and climate infrastructure bill, the most expansive and sweeping domestic-policy agenda since Lyndon Johnson’s presidency.

President Biden’s determination to end the Afghanistan war following a pre-announced timetable proved disastrous. Warfare 101 instructs that you never alert your enemy in advance precisely when you plan to disengage.

With Biden’s Aug. 31 deadline, the Taliban quietly planned their inevitable takeover, consolidating power in regional centers around the country while watching the clock tick.

Abandoning Bagram airbase in the middle of the night and, reportedly, without alerting our NATO allies, was the morale buster that collapsed the Afghan army. Biden has systematically and serially blamed everyone for this disaster but himself.

Now, seeking a domestic-policy palate cleanser to divert attention from his international mistakes, Biden wants to focus on stopping the COVID-19 delta variant and the “free” benefits he expects to convey through his $3.5 trillion blowout for free community college, expanded Medicare coverage, pre-K for all, climate change, etc.

Biden and his congressional allies, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, have set deadlines for advancing this legislation in September. Pelosi promises a

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