Klobuchar’s Government Power Grab Should Be Abandoned


Posted: Jun 21, 2022 12:01 AM

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Progressives are desperate to pass “American Innovation and Choice Online Act” (AICOA), their last chance to massively expand the size and scope of government before the midterms. Lucky for conservatives, it looks like the left’s push for an amendment that would increase Big Tech censorship has shattered AICOA’s chances of becoming law. 

S. 2992 would weaponize antitrust law to allow Biden bureaucrats to reshape the economy in service of a woke social agenda. Republicans should vote against any version of the bill, let alone one that includes a poison pill amendment that exacerbates conservative censorship.

The bill makes a litany of actions unlawful for companies over a government-determined size. The most notable provision prohibits targeted companies from promoting their own private-label products next to offerings from competing businesses on the platform.

In a weak attempt to convince conservatives that the bill bans Big Tech censorship, Section 3(a)(3) of the bill prevents targeted companies from“[discriminating] in the application or enforcement of the terms of service

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