KINNETT: I’ve Met The So-Called ‘Domestic Terrorists’

In March of 2020, I began working with parent groups across Indiana to determine how we could keep our children learning as schools shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At 36 different school board meetings and in various Facebook groups, I have spoken with thousands of parents from dozens of states. 

They’re not ideologues seeking violence for perceived enemies — they’re concerned parents unsure about everything in public education, from medical safety to learning loss, political agendas and career readiness. What’s being portrayed by teachers unions is completely and utterly false; the concerned parents of the United States, from both political parties, are not domestic terrorists in any way.

I haven’t seen a single call for violence. You’re far more likely to see political memes, updates and news, spotty rumors on classroom teaching and state legislatures, and invitations to come attend public forums and school board meetings. Many of these groups ask parents to sign up based on topic and issue, providing them with data and reports to cite during speaking engagements. 

Many of these parent communities have spawned larger action groups, like Fisher’s One in Indianapolis which fosters community research, respectful dialogue between teachers and school staff and the vetting of

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