Kim Kardashian Almost A Billionaire After Sale Of Stake In Cosmetics Company

Reality star Kim Kardashian just sold a 20% stake in her cosmetics company KKW Beauty to Coty, Inc. for $200 million.

Is Kardashian herself a billionaire, though? Forbes originally said yes, but also no at the same time.

Kim Kardashian West is worth $900 million after agreeing to sell a stake in her cosmetics firm to Coty by @MadelinePBerg

— Forbes (@Forbes) June 29, 2020

An article, which is now titled “Coty Buying Stake In Kim Kardashian West’s Cosmetic Business Confirms Trend Of Social Selling,” first claimed Kardashian was now a billionaire in the headline, but said she was only worth $900 million in the copy. Another article, also published by Forbes, said she wasn’t a billionaire at all.

This headline was corrected on June 30 to reflect that Kim Kardashian West is not a billionaire. Forbes estimates her net worth at $900 million,” an editor’s note at the bottom of the piece now says. (RELATED: REPORT: Kylie Jenner Wants Everyone To Stop Talking About How Much Money She Has Following Forbes’ Latest Report)

All of this mess has just made people super confused as to what the net worth of Kardashian actually is.

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