Kevin Costner hosts series exploring Yellowstone at 150 years old

Actor Kevin Costner spent a week filming the series this past spring, just before the park saw an historic flood in June that wiped out roads, bridges, campgrounds and other Yellowstone National Park facilities.

Fox Nation, Courtesy photo

In 2021, Kevin Costner took interest in a different Yellowstone than the television series he’s worked on for the past six years.

Marc Pierce, executive producer and CEO of Montana-based Warm Springs Productions, went to Costner with a pitch to be the narrator and host of “Yellowstone One-Fifty,” a four-part series told from the historical perspective of the 1871 expedition led by geologist Ferdinand V. Hayden to explore the region.

It was Hayden and his group – which included a topographer, meteorologist, zoologist, botanists, a photographer and artist – that gave the world the first photographs, paintings and scientific reports on the unique area, capturing imaginations with fantastic tales of geysers, burbling mudpots and a giant waterfall. The next year, President Ulysses S. Grant signed the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act into law. This year is the park’s 150th anniversary.

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