Kennedy family feud cools as RFK Jr.’s independent run rattles Republicans

CHICAGO — Chris Kennedy expects Thanksgiving might not be so awkward this year now that his older brother, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is no longer running for president as a Democrat.

Robert’s announcement earlier this week that he’s taking his bid outside the party structure could be damaging to either President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump. But Republicans appear to be the most nervous. The Republican National Committee came out of the gate with negative statements, and the once-glowing Fox News coverage Robert used to receive has turned far more critical.

And for at least one other member of the Kennedy family, it’s a relief.

Robert’s presidential aspirations have roiled the Kennedy family. Ahead of his brother’s announcement in April, Chris said in an interview with POLITICO there was “robust intra-family dialogue” about Robert running. “All of us shared with him our candid thoughts. It’s what a big Irish Catholic family will do.”

The Kennedys, who have one of the most prominent names

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