Kendall Jenner Has Spent $10,000 On Postmates Since 2015

Supermodel Kendall Jenner has spent a ton of money on Postmates delivery.

Kendall has spent a total of $10,000 on 153 separate orders, according to The Receipt released by Postmates on Thursday.

Kendall Jenner’s $10,000 Postmates Receipts Will Have You Drooling

— Ocean Pop ???? (@OceanPopNews) September 12, 2019

Not only does Kylie Jenner buy an excessive amount of delivery, but so does her sister Kendall (although not as much as Kylie). Kendall has ordered from 14 different cities since she signed up for Postmates, from 95 different businesses.

Her smallest order added up to be $4.56 (for a bottle of nail polish remover) and her largest order was a charge at Matsuhisa totaling $588.77. (RELATED: Blake Griffin Roasts Kendall Jenner, Says She Has ‘Daddy Issues’)

I wish I had been around for that $500+ order for Matsuhisa. That would have been such a great dinner and it would have been eaten in comfort instead of at the restaurant.

Kendall has reportedly spent a total of $1,219 at the Japanese sushi spot.

Other random items the supermodel has purchased through the delivery app include a space heater from Target, a strawberry crepe and Hawaiian Tropic

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