Justice Clarence Thomas Says There’s One Thing A New SCOTUS Nominee Should Never Do

Editor’s note: What follows is an excerpt from Michael Pack and Mark Paoletta’s book “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas In His Own Words.” It can be purchased here.

Michael Pack: The big driver for the Democrats opposing you was Roe v. Wade. They asked lots about that, and in many ways.

Clarence Thomas: I think it was central to a lot. It was certainly the key to the opposition from many of the women’s groups. I just thought it was ironic that in my whole life, through all the years of preparation, and coming through Georgia, and all the challenges, that of all the things that they’ve reduced it to was something that wasn’t even an issue in your life. Wasn’t a matter you’ve thought about, but because that issue is so important to them, they will wash over your entire life. They will vandalize the little life that you’ve cobbled together because their stuff is so important.

What I realized, and should have realized more fully, is that you really didn’t matter and your life didn’t matter. What mattered was what they wanted, and what they wanted was this particular issue. And regardless of what I had done with my life, where

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