Just Say 'No' to Using Children As Lab Rats


Posted: Sep 21, 2022 12:01 AM

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Public education has quietly broadened its scope from the three “Rs” — reading, writing, and arithmetic — to educating the “whole child.” While children stayed home and stared at computer screens during the COVID-19 pandemic, parents across the country heard teachers discuss issues with their children far outside of traditional academic boundaries. Gender and sexual identity, for example, have become ubiquitous topics for consideration and affirmation in school curricula and surveys.

Since March 2020, when so many students were forced into online public education, Panorama Education, Inc. — a government-contracted surveying company — nearly doubled in size. An estimated 25% of American students reside in school districts that Panorama serves. Its surveys include intrusive questions collecting students’ views on a variety of issues — including race, sexual orientation, and gender identity. For example, one question is: “How often do you think about what someone of a different race, ethnicity, or culture experiences?” — a question far outside of student safety or academic

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