‘Just Being A Dumb Man’: Nick Cannon Realizes It’s Hard To Be A Dad To 12 Kids With 6 Different Women

Nick Cannon admitted he makes mistakes and overshoots his own capabilities when it comes to taking care of the 12 children he’s fathered with six different women.

Cannon spoke candidly on a recent episode of “Language of Love with Dr. Laura Berman,” saying he can’t be in two places at once and is often disappointing someone. With so many children, sometimes two of them need something at the same time, and Cannon can’t physically be there, he told Berman. He recalled a situation in which one of his children needed him to support them emotionally.

“And I was willing to be there physically but I don’t know if I was available at the level that she needed me emotionally,” Cannon said on the podcast.

Nick Cannon says “only god” can tell him when he’s done having kids.

The father of 12 told Dr. Laura Berman that it’s not up to him when he’s “done”

“I lend that type of stuff to God. Those are miracles.” pic.twitter.com/G3gmOnpuJI

— Complex (@Complex) June 16, 2023

Berman dug deeper into the situation. “And you have to stop, she was focused on you coming over at like, let’s make up a time,” she said.


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