Judge says St. Peter’s failed to prove Dr. Weiner deceived them

A Lewis and Clark County 1st Judicial District Court judge has ruled in favor of a longtime oncologist fired from St. Peter’s Health on a deceit counterclaim, saying the hospital failed to prove he willfully misled them.

Dr. Thomas Weiner 

Judge Michael Menahan, in a six-page decision filed Oct. 23, granted Dr. Thomas Weiner’s motion for a partial summary judgment. Weiner had sued the hospital on Dec. 10, 2020, claiming wrongful termination.

St. Peter’s Health filed a counterclaim against Weiner in June 2021, answering his first amended complaint alleging deceit. The hospital alleged St. Peter’s was damaged when Weiner misdiagnosed and treated patients while claiming to treat them appropriately.

“SPH has failed to substantively argue Weiner violated the statutory duty not to deceive,” Menahan wrote. “SPH has made no attempt to show Weiner willfully deceived SPH with the intent to induce it to detrimentally alter its position. Because SPH failed to demonstrate any of the elements required to support a deceit claim, the claim must fail as a matter of law.”

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