Judge halts South Carolina’s new stricter abortion law until state Supreme Court review

South Carolina’s six-week abortion ban put on hold by judge, offering a temporary relief for providers as the state Supreme Court reviews the law, which reflects a larger trend of restrictive abortion measures across the country since the overturning of Roe v. Wade.The ruling Friday by Judge Clifton Newman came 24 hours after Gov. Henry McMaster signed the bill.The new law is similar to a ban on abortion once cardiac activity can be detected that lawmakers passed in 2021.

A judge put South Carolina’s new law banning most abortions around six weeks of pregnancy on hold Friday until the state Supreme Court can review the measure, giving providers a temporary reprieve in a region that has enacted strict limits on the procedure.

Judge Clifton Newman’s ruling that put the state’s abortion law back at roughly 20 weeks came about 24 hours after Gov. Henry McMaster signed the bill into law without any notice, which had left dozens of people seeking abortions in limbo and created the potential for a legal abortion becoming illegal as a doctor performed it.

“It’s extraordinarily difficult not only for the women themselves, but for their doctors — not just the doctors at Planned Parenthood — but hospitals all

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