Journeys into darkness: In sickness and in health

Brent Northup

“Iris” (R)

“Away from Her” (PG-13)

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Grades: A, A

Iris – philosopher, poet, novelist – sits at her table, by the window, writing as she does every day.

But her black and gold quill, which usually flows gracefully across the pages, stops more often. She pauses to search for familiar words that seem to be playing hide and seek.

The changes are subtle to others, but disturbing to Iris.

“John, I’m frightened. I feel like I’m sailing into darkness.” 

Her adoring husband is worried, but encourages her.

“Keep working, keep talking, keep the words coming.”

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America is aging. Those over 85 will double to 20 million by 2040.

Accompanying too many on their journey will be a shadow, Alzheimer’s.

The Alzheimer Association asks us all to shine a light through that darkness.

As days grow shorter, let’s revisit two films that sensitively explore both those caring and those cared for.

“Iris,” features unforgettable performances by Kate Winslet, as Iris rising, and Judi Dench, as Iris declining.

Above all, “Iris” is a love story. John is shy, socially

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