Josh Gottheimer is taunting the ‘far left.’ He’s still unlikely to face a serious primary.


Few Democrats in the House have drawn the ire of progressives as much as Josh Gottheimer has in the past couple of weeks.

The three-term congressman from New Jersey has led a small group of Democrats who have sought to decouple the $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and a larger $3.5 trillion Democratic-backed spending bill. That went against the legislative strategy not just of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, but of the Biden administration as well.

The fight has energized some party activists, who say Gottheimer is ripe for a primary challenge after he’s taken shots at the “far left” for trying to “kill an historic infrastructure bill” — and even Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

“I think the temperature is there for somebody to run” against him, said Cathy Brienza, founder of Ridgewood JOLT, a local progressive advocacy group in Gottheimer’s district. “I think he should be afraid.”

But by all appearances, Gottheimer is not feeling any heat from the left, even as activists hold protests outside his suburban North Jersey district office,

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