Johnny “Joey” Jones Coming to Montana, Great Event Friday

If you’re someone who wants to experience the unity that America felt in the days and months following the 9-11 terror attacks, that was something that was clearly present in the room two years ago when a Montana-based veterans group held their first ever fundraising banquet in Billings.

It was hosted on 9-12, and it certainly made you feel like you were part of the 9-12 America once again. Coming up this Friday, Veteran Air Warriors is hosting another big fundraising banquet at the Billings Flying Service hangar near the airport.

Two years ago they hosted Pete Hegseth from Fox News, along with Medal of Honor recipient (and US Army Ranger) Leroy Petry.

This year, they have another incredible lineup featuring Fox News contributor Johnny “Joey” Jones. If you guys haven’t seen him on Fox News or heard his personal story- this guy is remarkable. He was an EOD technician (bomb disposal expert) in the US Marine Corps. I’m looking forward to seeing him on Friday night, and hope to see you there as well.

Corporate Air CEO and Veteran Air Warriors Founder Mike Overstreet described the program on Montana Talks with Aaron Flint:

Mike Overstreet: We’re providing scholarships for veterans, after they get separated

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