John Rich Has A Blunt Message For Progressives, And It’s About To Become An American Anthem

John Rich just released his new song “Progress,” and it is absolutely going to be a mega American anthem, defining this moment in our history.

While most people watch television or movies to tap into the social and political vibes of the time, music has always had a far better pulse on what real Americans are feeling at any given time. Never has this been more true than it is for country music and politics right now.

Rich’s new song, “Progress,” apparently already hit No. 2 on iTunes’ country chart, according to a post shared on Rich’s Twitter account, and I am not surprised. It’s a beautiful three-minute ballad that not-so-subtly says “f**k you and f**k off” to the Democrats in office.

“There’s a hole in this country where its heart used to be,” Rich opens the track.

“They say building back better will make America great,” he goes on to sing, a seemingly blatant middle finger to the Biden administration’s poster-child bill. “If  that’s the wave of the future, all I’ve got to say…” (RELATED: Kameron Marlowe Falls Off Stage While On The Biggest Tour Of His Career So Far)

“Stick your progress where the sun don’t shine. Keep

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