John Engen appears on KGVO’s Talk Back on Reelection Bid

On Wednesday’s KGVO Talk Back show, Mayor John Engen appeared as a candidate for reelection to his fifth term and took questions from callers.

Engen was first asked about his views on the fight against COVID 19 specifically in Missoula.

“We’re not in a position as a function of the legislature to mandate masks or certainly vaccinations, so I’m simply saying as one human being to another who has who has seen the consequences, if you haven’t been vaccinated, please do so,” said Engen. “And please, if you’re not vaccinated or if you’re in a situation where you’re susceptible or someone in your life is susceptible, mask wearing can’t hurt.”

One caller asked Engen if, in a perfect world, he had the power to mandate a vaccination card before being allowed to receive services at a local business, Engen responded.

“Thank you Alan,” he said. “It turns out that my job is to be on the spot and to make decisions. I try to make those decisions with lots of information and not in a vacuum. But I but I think the idea of having proof of vaccination to get service in public places is a good idea.”

Engen was asked several times during the

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